Skunk Works 1983 Presents: Flower

Our 2014 robot:


See you at Eastern and Auburn!

Looks really cool. Can’t wait to watch it play.

Unique way of shooting too. What led you to choose it?


We liked the consistency of a catapult and the fact it would not be affected by ball inflation the way a puncher or wheeled shooter might. We also wanted to collect quickly, hold the ball securely, have variable shot angles and powers and have an integrated and cohesive system. We felt a “claw” style roller intake that integrated the “launcher” into the lower jaw of the system and rotated together accomplished all of these goals.

We actually never change the “power” of our shot. In order to use our launcher as the lower part of our collector, it required us to pull the catapult back to the same point every time. In order to get different distance shots we pay out our strap different amounts – essentially moving our hard stop. Between this system and the rotation angle of the mechanism, we have an immense number of possible ball exit trajectories and distances.

Our students are currently finishing up their design document, which talks about the design process of all the systems in our robot. I believe we will be posting this to Chief Delphi when it is finished – however, in the meantime we are happy to answer any questions anyone might have about our robot design.

Personally, I am also very much looking forward to seeing 4334 play soon! :slight_smile:

Nice bot look forward to competing with you at PNW camps

Clearly the best name this year. Unique design, I like it!

I’m glad you got the reference :slight_smile:

This is my favorite bot of the night.

Excellent work yet again from 1983!

This may not be Rebound Rumble, but I really appreciate how it looks like your shooter is making a lay-up with that catapult.

Great design as always! Can’t wait to see you compete.

I’m curious about the flanges that appear to be protruding from the frame in the bumper area. Are you planning on the plywood part of the bumper fitting between the flanges? If the flanges are part of the robot, then they become the perimeter and the plywood would have to be on the outside edges of the flanges.

That’s correct! Our bumpers have two pieces of aluminum angle that fit in between those flanges. The wood remains outside the frame perimeter, and the bumpers become part of the structure, making for a very sturdy frame.

Good luck and see you guys at Auburn!

Thanks TREAD
We look forward to playing with you guys too!!