Skunk Works Shop Broken Into

CD Community, yet another team has fallen victim to thieves. The amazing team 1983 Skunk Works in the Seattle area had their shop broken into and over $10,000 worth of parts and tools stolen. Here is their story about it on facebook: Redirecting...
and here is the gofund me if anyone would like to contribute to help them purchase replacements for the things stolen: Burglary Recovery: Skunk Works Robotics FRC 1983, organized by Meg Vader


May I ask what the situation is currently? Did Skunks have insurance? Is there anything more we can do?

You would have to reach out to the team directly for that kind of info, I just saw them post about it yesterday on their socials and then saw it wasnt here on CD and wanted to make sure the CD community was aware.


Awesome, thank you!

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