Skunk Works Team 1983 Design Documentation for 2016

Hello everyone! Below is a link to Skunk Works Team 1983’s Design and Build team’s documentation for this year. We have included what we did for the first two weeks of the build season and managing the team along with the prototyping, designing, and assembling of the robot with a concluding performance section in this document. Let me know if you have any comments or questions!

Thank you!

P.s. The file is pretty large, so it’s not uncommon for it to take a little while to fully load up.

This is a great document for a great robot and team. Good luck in St. Louis!

Very nice document! Thank you for sharing! On your electrical board, did you 3D print cases for the breakout boards for the Talons? Those look very convenient and clean.

Best of luck to you in St. Louis!

What a lovely little book. I love the mounting/gearing solution ya’ll used for your drive CIMs!

See you in St Louis

We did print out those breakout boards. They have a simple locking feature using shapes in the groove the lid goes into the box. I can send/upload the file for you if you’re interested in seeing the model.

It would be really awesome if you could post the cad!
We would really appreciate it!

I’ve uploaded the file to google drive so anyone can download it!

here is the link: