Skunkworks 1983, What a weekend!

As an alumni from FIRST team 1983, Skunkworks robotics, I was fortunate enough to attend our first regional. The next two, I wouldn’t miss either, I attended in spirit, along with many other Skunk alumni.

This weekend and season were absolutely amazing and I wanted to thank everyone that made the following possible. Over the course of the season all of the hard work paid off. I’m really proud of everyone on the team and all of our friends and alliance partners who helped us get to where we are now.

To name a few of the many things you accomplished so far:

-Finalists in Oregon with (2046 and 2443)
-Finalists in Seattle Olympic with (488 and 4030)
-Regional winners in Spokane with (2122 and 4082)
-Website Award at Oregon, Seattle and Spokane
-Dean’s List Finalist in Spokane: Sydney Miller
-Spokane Regional Chairman’s Winner

We have always built strong robots, played well on the field and made a difference in our community. I’m really glad that all of you were able to be a part of it and that you finally got to see what it’s like to be recognized for your hardwork and passion.

The presentation was amazing, I have no doubt. The video left me in tears. I am so proud of all of you and I wish you all the best in St. Louis, I know you’ll make our friends, alliance partners and entire region of the Pacific North West proud.

And to my dad: You were there by my side for the four years I was on the team. We started this together as rookies 5 years ago and you have continued to support the team in every way you can. Here’s to 5 years of amazing mentoring and to many more!

To my sister: I’m so proud of you, what a way to end your first season. Your passion and energy exuded from the mascot outfit and I can’t imagine how you must feel being a part of the website team that won the award at every regional. You may be a rookie on the team, but you’ve been doing this for years. I know you will continue to amaze me over the next 4 years, and I’m sure you will contribute to the team even more than I have. Can we skype together while we watch champs?

I love you all, my family: My mother who has supported us all along the way, my dad, my sister and my grandma (who went to more regionals then I did this year)…

and most importantly, I love my Skunk Family, all of you.

Go Skunks! Stay Smelly!

Love Always,
Navid Shafa
“Once a skunk, always a skunk.”