Skunkworks has robot in the bag

The robot was bagged last night!! Sad day for the seniors… happy day for everyone…

Robot in bag.jpg

Robot in bag.jpg

If that was real, you would auto-win every regional you went to. lol


Funny enough, our robot’s actual name this year is the “Ultimate Scent” :stuck_out_tongue:

Which Regionals is 1983 competing in this year? Spokane and Seattle? 2471 decided to go with Portland and Spokane and I hope you guys are planning on attend one or both of those. It would be a strange feeling not competing with you guys this year. I am looking forward to seeing the robot your actually competing with and maybe play on the same team for once:rolleyes:

Good Luck

Looking forward to seeing you both. this year:) (Portland and Spokane for those who are curious).

I always enjoy seeing what you come up with, speaking both to Mean Machine and Skunkworks. :smiley:

Hey hey hey!

Hazardous materials violation!

Everyone knows a Dalek’s protective outer casing can burn you! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t really call a Dalek a robot, though. I believe cyborgs aren’t allowed to pass inspection.

Bob, you have a fine looking robot there but it will not pass inspection with those incorrectly colored bumpers;) . Looking forward to seeing you again in Spokane.

We will be competing in Seattle, Central and Spokane this season.

The suction cup and the ability to fly might come in real handy. Make sure you touch each rung of the pyramid on your way to the top.

Too bad the rules limit your laser to class I, I don’t think you will be winning any time wars with that…