Skybus... another one bites the dust... or folds

hope this doesn’t mean trouble for anyone going to atlanta

$100+ barrels of oil can close down 3 airlines in one week… wOw!!!

I believe they were a victim of their own concept. Their extremely low fares probably didn’t help them out profit wise recently. Heck, the airline wasn’t even a year old.

Really Skybus makes it 4 airlines to cease operations in the past 7 days. It all started on March 31 with Champion Air, a major charter airline ending business in response to raising fuel costs and loosing customer contracts. This has been a scary week for the commercial airline industry.

There’s an old joke that it is easy to make a small fortune in the airline industry.

Just start with a large one.

The sad thing is that while the airlines employess are getting laid off and their customers are getting a raw deal (feel free to replace that with a more descriptive term if you so choose)… that the senior executives who ran the airline into the ground and made all the wrong business decisions are probably living quite comfortably on big paycheques, bonuses and severance payments when it finally folds.


I would have used the words “customers get the shaft”, but thats just me.