Skyway 4WD Help

Go to page 1027 on (just type the page in the search box). Scroll down a bit and you will see stamped base mount ball bearings. The are lighter than their cast iron coutnerparts. Also, pillow blocks are sometimes referred to as “mounted bearings”

AWESOME!!! Thanks for your help!!!

Is there any difference between the shaft sizes, because the 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" shaft sizes each say they support the 3/8" axles (bolts) we bought.

In addition, can we use the polyester (with delrin raceway) base-mount bearings instead of the steel ones? I would think it would be lighter, however under the circumstances, is the increased price X3 worth the added benefit?

ALSO - if we were to use 1/2" axles/bolts (our two front wheels are andymark omnidirectional wheels) would the same “pillow block” work for it? Should we get a different size? I ask this because the steel section doesn’t say it supports a bolt hole size of 1/2", only stainless steel has a 1/2" bolt hole size option at 5x price though.

One other thing - say you needed 8 of these (2 for each wheel, right) are we talking a lot of weight here? If they were 10 pounds each that would be 80 pounds!!!

Any help answering these rookie questions would be greatly appreciated.