Skyway hubs legal?

Hi, My team has some extra unmodified skyway hubs lying around from a FIRST competition in 2004 that we would like to use with our newly purchases 8" x 1" skyway wheels. Are these legal to use? If so, if there a FIRST forum answer for reference.

I’ve heard that although unmodified pnuematic parts from past competitions are legal according to the flow chart, that FIRST contradicts in its answer forum.



The hub adapters were custom made for first. They are not currently available cots. We made our own last year out of a sheet of 3/4" ldpe.

Thanks guys! That is unfortunate. Do you guys know of someone that makes something similar. We just bought a new set of wheels.

Why not go get some identical or similar ones made by a Machinist? They are then a Custom part.