skyway -> hubs/sprockets

does anyone know of a good way to connect the skyway wheels to a shaft and sprocket? or can we also order hubs from skyway? i know we can order ANY wheel from skyway, but yea… does that include hubs also?

Our team last year used the Skyway wheel/hub assemblies. We attached the drive gear to the hubs. We ran a rod through the wheel bearings and hard mounted the rod to the frame. Brass spacers were used to center the wheel on the rod.
Yes, you can order the hubs from Skyway.
If you look in your Zone Zeal rulebook you will find the hubs. They are located on the pages after the kit and additional parts sections.
One bit of advice. When tightening the hubs onto the wheels, be careful not to over tighten some of the bolts. You WILL distort the wheels causing them to wobble. You also may break the hubs.
Hope this helps.

Wayne Doenges