Skyway Wheels semi-official notice. Post questions here

Hello Everyone! I have had the pleasure to lurk here for a few years and have supplied FIRST teams for about six years now. Ah, the many long discussions I have had. That is why I invented the FIRST Skyway wheels order form!

Each year we pre-order materials for the new year and the kickoff. This year, market forces and katrina interfered with timely delivery of the petroleum products the market needed.

Hardest hit is Skyway’s patented Bead-LoK line of wheels. The urethane will be replenished in about a week and we will have tires… Until then, most BL orders are not shipping

I am really suprised most folks are not going with pneumatic tires. Sure, you can get a flat, but tubes are cheap. Champion atheletes like the X-game BMXers and racers use pneumatics. The ability to adjust air-pressure in the tire makes pneumatic tires really versatile.

I will check back on this thread to see if there are specific questions about Skyway. If you have order status questions call 530-243-5151.

Sorry for any typos. I just finished playing folk guitar and my fingertips are calloused and sloppy. Okay, TMI. Sorry.

Please post questions about Skyway Here!

Good luck everyone!


Bart Weems

We are looking for the same wheels supplied in the 2004 kit of parts.

Carolyn Hinckley
Mentor :slight_smile: