Skyway wheels w/o bearings

Has anyone had any luck fixing the skyway wheels to a driven shaft? I assume that the bearings on the wheels will have to go, but I need to know how to do this without ruining the wheels. I’d also like to know what the ID of the wheels is without the bearings, so I can tell our machinist what size shaft we need. Thanks.

When I ordered wheels from skyway they sent a nice 8 page fax to order from that has some specs on wheels. It looks like the I.D. for our hubs is .906 (with the bearings removed).

But I don’t see how you would affix the “bear” hub to a driven axle.

Skyway (from the fax) looks like they make others hubs that have keyways. I don’t know if you can swap hubs but you might be able to purchase other hub/wheels that would attach by design.

we ordered today and are getting keyed hubs…

What we do is machine out the hub because of the draft (i.e. taper) inside the hub and then we insert a custom machined hub into the wheel, typically the ID of that new hub is 3/4" then we use a trantorque to couple the wheel to a shaft. It’s pretty stright forward, one of the tricks is to try and make the new custom hub as lightweight as possible. -Joe

ok here is what we did. we ordered the 8.5 by 2 wheels. we replaced the bolts that hold the hub together with longer ones longer by 2.5 inches. then we made a custom plate the fit on those 5 bolts that then attached to our sprocket(secret connection) if you can figure out your own way of connecting the plate to sprocket then the wheel is driven by the hub and not the axel which also means that it can be a dead axel. This is a good thing so you don’t have to worry about the critical alinment of the pillow block (you don’t need them) your axel can be hard mounted to your frame