Slack file grabber

Recently, Slack announced that content in workspaces on free plans older than a year would be deleted entirely, rather than being held indefinitely until you buy a pro plan. Because of this, I got ahold of an export of my old team Slack, which has been inactive for several years, but the export did not contain any uploaded files, only links to them. To remedy that, I made this script to back up everything from the links provided by the export data.

Hopefully, this will be useful to anyone else looking to back up their Slack data. As of right now, it is intended to be run once, as it’ll still try to grab files that it already downloaded, but I can change this if needed.


How’d you get the export, and how much data did it contain?

Someone who’s an admin of the workspace will need to follow these steps:

The export contains messages in public channels if you have the free or basic pro plan. If you have the free plan, I think it’ll only contain messages from the last 90 days, so I made sure to activate the free Pro trial before asking the admins for the archive.

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I reached out to support:

At the current time, your export will include the entire history of your workspace beyond 90 days.

If there’s one thing that Slack does well, it’s definitely their support team

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