Slashdot and Digg

Well we’ve got about 4 hours left to go! I’m so excited!

I believe that we could use the massive hordes of people that are about to flood Chief Delphi to help of the spread awareness of FIRST through writing a short story nominations for Slashdot and Digg.

Slashdot is an independent geek related personal blog that has some incredibly ridiculous large readership base (think in the hundreds of thousands). Stories submitted hereshould be about a paragraph long, and have HTML formatted links to 2-3 websites. Be sure to set the topic as Science - Robotics. It’s ultimately up to one of the editors whether or not it makes it to the front page, but many users submitting articles about a similar story will have a much greater chance of attracting the editors attention.

Digg is a user-powered news site, where users submit a news story, and then others “Digg” the story if they like it. If a story gets “Dugg” enough times, it will reach the front pages. Sites that make the front page can expect to get tens of thousands of click-throughs at a minimum. Stories submitted should include a single link, I’d say to the official FIRST game page, and a short 1-2 sentence summary of what FIRST is and what game we play this year. Unlike Slashdot, where everyone helps by writing out separate articles, people can help out by “Digging” a single story that a single person submits. So please see if someone else has written the article first, and then Digg that! I will likely write one in a few minutes, but if I don’t get to it could someone link to the article to digg form this thread? Thanks!

With your help and participation, we can help spread the gospel of FIRST across to geeks across the internet. Thanks for your help!


I’ve tried submitting a few stories to digg about First…didn’t get any diggs… i’ll try again today