Slave Motor Controllers

Hey Cd,

I was recently introduced to slave motor controllers.

In regards to wiring, are they any different than wiring a normal motor controller into the CAN loop?

Specifically, how would a Victor SRX be wired to slave for a Talon SRX?

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Wiring-wise, they are the same. The difference is only in programming.

@AriMB Thank you for the quick response!

My team was hoping to use two 775 class motors to power our elevator - should I slave a Victor to a Talon, or have 2 Victors slaved to a single Talon?

My apologies if I sound clueless, this is my first year attempting Electrical

What would be the purpose for the second Victor?

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My apologies, I assumed that the Talon would somehow be rendered useless being a master :neutral_face:

Thank you for the quick responses, you’re an absolute lifesaver :grin::+1:

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How this actually works is that the slave just reads the master’s CAN status packets and mirrors the duty cycle. Note that this means that the slave’s update rate is whatever the update rate of said status packet is (default 100hz).

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