Sleep Walking- Robotics Disease

So after something that happened today, I am wondering if any other teams have had team members start sleep walking due to late robotics nights?

After a late night Thursday (about midnight), Friday (2 am), then having our team meet at about 8am this morning for a practice event and not leaving our build site until nearly 11 tonight, one of our programmers hasn’t been sleeping well and hasn’t slept in 36 hours. He fell asleep earlier today while coding at robotics, but he got up, walked around where we store things and then went back to his laptop, and at some point talking to a team member about something. It turns out he doesn’t rememeber any of this and was really sleep walking.

After joking to my parent about what happened, it turned out the other night, I got out of bed, walked out of my room to my door and started putting on my boots. When my dad (who was still in the living room) asked where I was going, I said robotics.

*Sorry if this is not a good place to ask, but I didn’t seen any somewhat off topic areas, and I think some jokes (like 10th defense) was posted here.

I can say I’ve had the almost exact opposite effect in one way, but I can say I’ve acted differently on sleep than normal for sure this build season. I very rarely wake up late or miss my alarms going off. Friday morning and this morning, I managed to turn off 2 alarms (I always set two each morning), and I don’t remember turning them off. That caused me to wake up 30 minutes or so late both mornings. I’ve also had a really weird sleep schedule somewhat due to robotics but not fully (A lot of it is my lack of time management). In the fall, I spent my time doing my homework when robotics is now. Because I do homework at 9 now, I tend to stay up til midnight and get up at 5:30 the next morning. I go to school, crash and sleep as soon as I get home, head to robotics, do homework, sleep, repeat.

So I’m not sure if sleepwalking is the universal disease of build season but build season definitely brings out a different person in all of us.

I definitely get the effects during end of build season: I entered the shop Friday at 7am, and I left 2 hours ago… Turns out I just did 40 straight hours of work, without sleeping. Thanks coffee :smiley: