Sleep? Whats that?

Hello teams!

We all know that with the Atlanta competitions come hotel rooms with your teammates, and with hotel rooms comes partying, and with partying comes lack of sleep! In school today i noticed me and multiple other members of the team nodding off in classes and it produced some pretty interesting moments. So i was wondering, what kind of effects has lack of sleep had on members of your team now and in the past? What kind of funny stories do you guys have about people on only an hour or two of sleep a night?

some of my own stories:

-During build season after many many longggg hours of programming, one of our programmers ran around yelling “Where is the syntax?!” after quite some time, we eventually discovered he ment “soda”

-Today in a programming class this conversation took place:
Member 1: Dude, you playing jazzball?
Member 2: Yeaaaaah
Member 1: Cool i haven’t played that in forever
Member 2: CROCKPOT!!!
Member 1: Whatt?
Member 1: … lack of sleep?
Member 2: no! i got 5 and a half hours!!.. between tuesday and yesterday…
GOD!!! STUPID DINGOS!! yelling at computer screen

yeah… good times… haha

so what stories do you guys have?

haha well today was AP testing and one of my teammates fell asleep after she got done testing…
apparently she woke up talking to some person in her dream…

I fell asleep in Acting, and Photo.

Honestly, I can only remember 2 or 3 nights since regionals where I went to be before 1 am. I’ve become accustomed to the lack of sleep (not saying it’s a good thing) so I’m pretty much used to it. In the beginning, I would get to school and my friends said I had the mentality of a drunk person. Keep in mind, my classes start at 7:30. But I would normally be fine by 8am as long as I had a Vault, Bawls or Rockstar first thing upon entering campus. I don’t really have any “stories” per say, just that I’m an interesting character after 4.5hrs of sleep :slight_smile:

aren’t we all? haha i used to sleep 4 and a half hours every night. i’d go to bed at 1:30 and wake up at 6 every day… only recently have i been sleeping “normally”

Now that the season over I’m starting to suffer from REM rebound.

8th period was lost today…darn movies, tomorrow will be my real challenge!

no matter how much sleep i get the night before…i fall asleep in french EVERY DAY! its not cause is french but because its last period i guess…and i always fall asleep if i read a text book on the couch, it really angers me too because when i wake up i realize i didnt study at all…!

I have not gone to bed before 3am for the past 3 nights. Needless to say, I fell asleep in all of my classes this morning and was subconscious during lab.

its allmost impopssible to stay awake right now and i dont know how im functioning

atleast we placed24/86 in newton woot
sleep :confused:

I almost fell asleep in all of my classes, but never actually did.

I went to sleep at 5:00pm yesterday and woke up the next morning at my usual time.

sleep? I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

I have been getting relatively decent amounts of sleep (bed at 11ish and up at 6) since build season, but I don’t really remember what I was doing before that. Although, it is ironic that on Friday night (I think) CBS (or ABC or NBC) was airing a special on the nation running low on sleep, although that was the same night I stayed up till like 1, so that just goes to show how much I cared.

oh maan got back to Los Angeles around 11 am, got back to the valley at 1 pm, and i had to go to school straight from the flyaway shuttle. i walked into class with my luggage. finding homework wasnt that easy. : ]

A couple of funny stories have come out of my team from lack of sleep. Actually, most people on our team were smart and went to bed at reasonable hours. Im not one to go to bed at reasonable hours so I remember in Atlanta, I was walking across a field of grass and the next thing I remember was waking up with like 4 or 5 mascots looking down at me. Needless to say, that is the most frightning way to wake up.

Fell asleep doing an asignment in class Monday, dreampt that I was doing the assignment, then got woke up and had to do the assignment again.

I have been tired all week, even sleeping the whole way home! Today was AP Calc, so I went to bed early last night and got enough sleep to get throught the test, but afterwards I couldn’t stay awake, sorry chem class!

A couple of funny stories have come out of my team from lack of sleep.

Now that you mention that, Heatwave had an incident where some of our devoted programmers stayed nearly ALL weekend and the results weren’t pretty, apparently some people went a little crazy somewhere between 3am and 5am and put some holes in our top goal backboard with a screw driver and other various objects. Most of us students thought it was pretty funny, but our mentor, the guy who built it, was less than thrilled for most of that morning

Okay so this doesn’t usually last this long but my sleeping habits still aren’t back to normal!!
Anyone else stuck in robotics mode (at least sleepwise)?

So, I still haven’t caught up on sleep…but Friday is a snow day…so, I plan on not waking up until like…Saturday morning? :rolleyes:

snow day? huh?