Slick looking Control system

I’d heard that Charmed Labs in Austin, Texas was working on a joint venture with Carnegie Mellon U. for a new multipurpose robot control system. I was pleasantly surprised to see it featured on their webpage today. It also appears to have made a debut of sorts at an event hosted by Google?

Charmed Labs QWERK

Robotics Academy TeRK program

It all looks very cool and I want to know more :cool:

Take a look yourself and post any key or important features that you find about QWERK and/or TEeRK.


USB. Sounds like time for a wsad and mouse to replace our joysticks :smiley:

I saw those inputs as well. Did you notice Linux is pre-loaded. I don’t know what the upside is to that but some C.D. posts have mentioned wanting support for Linux. If you read some of the product and program details on the TeRK site, they intend to have point to point communication available via wifi so robot to robot to laptop communication is a future option :cool: