Slide Idea

I HOPE THIS ISN’T LEGAL… because I’m telling you all now… some have probably already thought about it…

But can you just build a fold out sturdy slide that when the human player drops a tetra on the robot it slides down to the field tetra… sure it would be high… but you could get 3-4 quick tetras (would soon get to high) using this method

You would still have to leave and reenter the loading zine before receiving another tetra.

well i guess you could do it, but it would take a long time…keep in mind you must exit and re-enter the loading zone for 1 tetra at a time…

it would take 3-4 seconds to get only one…1 second to exit and re-enter the zone…so your looking at about 5 seconds per tetra…you only have 120 seconds…3-4 would take you roughly 15-20 seconds…i don’t know if 1/8 of the match amounts to “quick” tetras sounds like your human player needs to start practicing wind sprints now…11-12 matches per regional minus the finals your human play will be tired…if you all end up in the finals, well i just feel sorry for your human player…gl

but you would never have to give it power… so as quick as you can grab a tetra and return,…
G17 A ROBOT that has recieved a TETRA may not collect another tetra until it leaves and then re-enters the LOADING ZONE. A violation will result in a 10 point penalty, and the tetra will not be scored.
If the tetra is removewd from the robot by gravity, must it re-enter? and if so then you could work a sequence of raising your slide moving your robot off the zone and re-entering-- 5 second intervals… 9-12 points

and do people project scores over 40 or 45 per alliance… I think it’s inevitable… that many teams will never cap and run interference~ and only 1/10? will cap the center in autonomous… and 1/7 or so on the others… those numbers even sound high… and with the little interest in autonomous mode(capping)… you will probably see fewer-- i dunno

Wait… let me see if I got this right…

You want to build a slide on top of your robot to place a tetra on top so it slides on top of a goal?

Is that what you’re saying?

I’m just proposing the idea… seeing as how it could be taken advantage of-- very easily –

Ok, so given that… these goals are 5-1/4’ high and to get a tetra to slide… I’d say you’d better get the slide at the most 6’ high (i guess any higher would make it slide too fast. You’d have to remember that your human player will have to reach up that high without touching the robot and get it onto the slide safely. Then your robot needs to have the slide angled right so it gets it on and it has to do that before the human player puts on the tetra.

So given all of that, I’d say it’d be a pretty tough thing to do. But if you can get that to work really well, then that’d be a really good device.

don’t forget the possibility of the robot lifting the tetra and/or slide up higher after it’s placed by the human player.

That’s true

This is not a legal strategy.


But the whole point is you could lift the slide real quick, pull out of the loading zone real quick, and pull back in. (I could even see a team writing a program that automates this such that they could just tap a button for the entire process) If one could build a robot capable of this, and get the sliding mechanism right, and perhaps have a fairly tall human player who likes running…it could be a viable strategy, actually. Just watch out, though, because top heavy robots tip, and good robots have big red targets painted on them, and that robot would be both top heavy and (conceivably) good, thus making it liable to be hit and tip.

conveyor belts? then you wouldnt have to slide, just make it lift up.