Slide Rule love?

I just got my second slide rule today and was wondering, can anyone else meet my wager of nerdiness? I figured if any place would have slide rule fans it would be FIRST.

I have an old slide rule that my dad used to have, it’s very cool, though I don’t actually know how to use it.

I’ve got one that my grandpa had, but I barely know how to use it.

I had one that we used in 9th grade algebra, but I don’t know what happened to it.

I do treasure my K&E log-log poly duplex. Never needs batteries…

Though I neither own nor know how to operate a slide rule, I am a proud owner of the ThinkGeek 8-bit tie. I’ve never worn it somewhere that I haven’t received a thousand compliments.

That is awesome. Must remember to get one!

Heck, when I was a kid they had only ONE bit ties! And we were so happy when the two-bit ties came out, we actually cried… :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a few slide rules around the house, and one of my sons learned to do a few things with one. I learned the basics of how to use one in 9th grade geometry, in 1975, when they suddenly became obsolete.

I also have a Texas Instruments SR-10 calculator. Guess what the SR stands for?

Eat your hearts out.

I have two Post Versalog’s sitting in my dresser drawer. Fully functional and I don’t have to worry about changing batteries. Got me through school even though I had a hard time figuring out the decimal places all the time. Now where is my SR51? It was here a minute ago I swear.