Sliding door motor mounting holes

Does anyone happen to know the size of the three threaded mounting holes on the sliding door motor? I don’t have it with me, and it’d be useful to know before tomorrow. Thanks.

This has our team stuck as well.

Are they metric? Whats going on with them?! We tried like every screw we had. What we did though was we took the KitBot screws, they go in like, just enough to hold the motor and then we used lots of washers to make up the difference that the screws wouldnt go in. That actually worked out quite well, look into using that and then when the right screw thread size shows up, just swap the screws.

I can check later today, but for now I seem to recall them being M5.

i beleive sanddrag is right. M5’s should be it. I just remember the strict order to ‘not lose them at all costs’

Yes, they are available at any local hardware store. Bring the motor to make sure they are M5.

Retap the holes 1/4-20, thats what weve always done, never had any problems with the threads stripping, and you dont have to worry about ‘accidentally’ losing those metric bolts :-p

Team 662 has done the same thing with no problems.

The TechnoKats seem to be on the other side of the issue. From what I’ve seen in my software seat over the past year, one of the basic design rules is that every bolt on the robot is either M3 or M5.

Metric? Really? That’s wierd. The majority of the components that already have holes that are used on FIRST robots are not metric. Metric are also a bit harder to find in as wide a variety of lengths, head types, etc.

I seem to recall them being M6, but I am at home with no way to check the threads.

Anyone have a definitive answer?

Over the past 4-5 years, they have been M6x1.0 threads.

Andy B.

isn’t modifying the motors illeagal? or i am i just making up rules?

Housings are fair game, so long as you don’t make internal mechanical changes or electrical changes (per <R31>). There’s another thread on this;, where they discuss other modifications, specifically to the CIM.

Note that there’s a related Q&A question pending, so this information may change.