slight mix-up

Posted by Brandon Martus at 03/10/2001 3:38 AM EST

Other on team #47, ChiefDelphi, from PCHS and Delphi Automotive Systems.


If you are like me, and mainly use the Chronological Archive, you may notice that the messages stop at 4:30pm, 03/09/2001.

The message counter reset, so there are 74 messages from 1-74. (instead of 7201->7275)

They’re at the very end of the chronological archive.
(yea, it sorts by number, not date… they should both be chronological if everything works out)

Just a heads up.

If anyone ever notices something weird like this (or anything else) happening, please feel free to email me at [email protected] OR [email protected]. (the second one being my cell’s text pager)