Slogans Game

Hm… when I started the word association last summer it got so successful it was closed for a while before someone else put it back up… the This or That isn’t doing half bad either, so here’s another one to test out…


Ok, I’ll start with a slogan and you respond with what company or w/e it’s from… then add your own for the next person.



thats a toughie; i was thinking it would be google at first; but after serious contemplation i decided to venture a guess that this is a slogan of

yahoo (

“Ride the light”

Bah. That’s Qwest Communications International.

Next slogan: “It’s a kick in a glass!”


Obvious one to Midwesterners

“What you crave”

Whitecastle (Hey, midwestern roots)

A tougher one for the boys: “Because I’m worth it.”

is that the deodorant one?

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**A tougher one for the boys: “Because I’m worth it.” **
L’Oréal! :slight_smile:

You all should get this!

“Isn’t it nice when things just work?”

Oh Oh Oh thats that crazy Rube Goldberg Honda Commercial

Diamonds are forever

K. Jewelers

Zoom Zoom (easy but fun to say)



“Think different.” (I love how this company’s slogan is grammatically incorrect.)


“Different is good.”

I think its Arby’s

(if not blame Molly, she gave me the answer)

“The Ultimate Driving Machine”


“I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.”

Coca Cola’s 1971 sloagan/theme song?

“Where everyone scores!”

… note: Not really a company, but an online sloagan.

Face the Jury

this is an easy one, but i cant think of anything better right now, and i am not sure how it is spelt, so i am sorry if its wrong:

excelerate your breath