Slow down code???

How do I slow down my code? I am running TX1s, ZEDs, and a RoboRio. My costmap seems to be out of whack. How do I fix this issue?

Calculate the value of pi out to a billion decimal places. That should slow it down a little.

ask how it’s feeling every once in a while, this relationship is supposed to be based on communication and trust and you havent even taken it out to a nice dinner in months

If the relationship is supposed to be based on communication, we must have the best relationship :stuck_out_tongue:

This reminds me of those touchscreen interfaces for conference rooms that you can never figure out.

Add “G4 P(miliseconds)” between every line. What could possibly go wrong?

I should note that no students were harmed in the making of this thread but it’s entirely possible they might be if they don’t get back to work! ::ouch::