Slow Jetson Connection Time

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We are trying to use our Jetson TX1 for our vision programming and we are running into a weird error. Our vision code works, but when it is connected by Ethernet to the radio with the RoboRIO, it takes a really long time (around 5 minutes) to find the Network tables server on the RIO. In some cases, I cannot even ping it for at least one minute and it can take a long time for the green Ethernet light on the Jetson to turn on. I have it connected to the Network through mdns, as that was faster than a static connection, but are there any other ways to speed up the connection?

P.S. We have tried simulating the program on our own shop Network by using the driver station as the NT Server and we never run into this issue. It only occurs when connected to the robot network.

Set both the RoboRIO and the Jetson to static IP addresses. Make sure the RoboRIO is on the .2 address.


Thank you! I will try this when I am around the Jetson tomorrow. If this does not work, what would be the next thing to try?

Make sure the Jetson is not set to autonegotiate the link speed. Set it to a fixed 100 Mbps full duplex.

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Iā€™m trying to mess with the autonegotiate and the ethtool is not working. However, I was able to assign it the IP address of When pinging it from my laptop, there was a 53% packet loss over 49 packets. Is there another way to change the autonegotiate settings?

I also cannot ssh into the Jetson as I get the error below:

Connection closed by port 22

Quick update, I was able to set the link speed to 100 mb/s, and the duplex is set to full, but the auto-negotiation is still set to on. I can set it to off when I run the command in the terminal, but my change to the interfaces file does not seem to be affecting the auto-negotiation setting

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