Slow Site ..

We know that the site is slow. It is slower than we want too. Many factors contribute to this (most outside our control), Even so, we have a plan to address the problem. It will be implemented as soon as possible. In the meantime, thanks for your patience and understanding.


No problem, Brandon. I’m sure most of us are glad this resources even exists.

Thanks to everyone who works behind the scenes to make CD what it is. :slight_smile:

When will relief be in sight? This is a great resource and i feel empty not being able to access it 85% of the time :frowning: Help I’m going through withdrawel!! If money is an issue, i’m pretty sure the CD community could come up with it for you.

I have been trying to get on for few hours last night, but it was hard. But I’m grateful for CD and understand that even what we have here right now takes a lot of time to take care of. Thank you. :slight_smile:

We’re hoping to get a little boost in performance in the next 2-3 days. The techs at our hosting company only work week days, so we have to wait till then for them to even process our order.

As far as money … if you feel the need to contribute you can click the ‘Donate’ button in the middle of the two ads up above. Every little bit will help, and 100% of your donation will go towards the website costs (current and future enhancements to boost the speed). If you want to donate more than $5, send any money to [email protected] via paypal.

Thanks for bearing with the seasonal slowdown … we’re working on it, as fast as humanly possible. :slight_smile:


You guys are going through a lot of stuff, I understand. If you guys at CD need mirrors of anything I have a server with 1TB of bandwidth. Just email me or pm me.

How about adding a text-only skin… one that doesn’t show any images. No locally hosted signatures, avatars, no images at all.

I’d prefer the site showing up with only basic css/html over not being able to see it at all. I’m thinking of setting up my web filtering software to get rid of all the img tags :wink:

That would be pretty cool to use until things start to calm down a bit. I would be in favor of it, anything that allows me to get my CD fix when I need to, lol.

At the bottom of the webpage is a link to “Archive”, and that is essentially what you are talking about. Just a bare display of all the messages in linear order, no signature, no avatars, no images at all.

That archive page shows all the current discussions and messages, with the most recent ones at the bottom instead of the top.

The only down side is, there are no reply button in there. The up side is, those of us who just want to read the forum can go in there and ready it easily.

Just set up your browser not to show images. It won’t download them or use the bandwidth.

Not sure if you can do this in IE, but I know in Firefox it is possible.

Tools > Options > Content > uncheck Load Images.

I’m fine with it being slow. If I knew of a way I could help…I would, but…I don’t have any money to give… :frowning:

Oh well. I am sure it will get better.


PS: Please! Help out, everyone! Shut off images to help cure CD’s slowness!

The archive version is a lot faster then this version for some reason. Just something to consider if you only want to read.

maybe the people who donate more then 5 get a preferred slot once they log in. that would encourage me to donate, especially during the season. all you would have to do is have a bare bones login page so you could when the server is full

Hang on guys… we are working on the issue.

News very soon.

Someone had an idea to put a banner link for paypal right on the error page as well as the main.

YOu can’t see the main page if you can’t get on cause of the error screen.
I know it’s not a immediate solution, but it’ll help defer costs in the upcoming year if it’s right there when you try and come on.

We have just placed an order for a server upgrade that should double (at least) our capacity. This will cause a little future downtime (you’ll be warned of the specific time) but will give us plenty of upgrade options in the future, and get us 2x the capacity right from the get-go.

Thanks for your patience while we get things rolling.


Since Google is becoming an important sponsor in FIRST, maybe, if we ask nicely, they are willing to hose Chief Delphi Forum for us.

Imagine this site as smooth as even if 1 million user are viewing it at the same time.

Just a thought. You can always imagine, right?


Google could do this without blinking an eye.