Small Company Grant - Would love your help

Hey, everyone! As a lot of you know, about a year and half ago a few of us here in Florida started up Stream Monkey as a company to be able to do better quality streaming for FIRST-related events and churches. Things have been going great so far and getting to do HD live streams for Robot in 3 Days and RoboShow this year have been great and we’re looking to hopefully be doing even.

We had an awesome opportunity presented to us by some people affiliated with a few companies sponsoring the grants that show we have a good chance of receiving one of the grants. The great part is that if we do end up winning the grant it will be in time for the 2014 season which could allow us to hopefully do some pretty great things instead of having to wait until the 2015 season. The last step of eligibility we have is to get 250 votes (we’re down to the last 80 that we need, so we’re almost there!) as part of the qualifications for the panel to review our grant application. Here’s where you can be awesome and help out: it takes just a second but would be incredibly helpful if you could vote for us.

If you have any questions, let me know! Thanks guys. Here’s the link:

Voted with pleasure! Hope your effort is successful:)

Sounds cool! High quality streams are a much needed service for FRC events.

Couldn’t have voted for this any faster. I think the next era of expansion in FRC lies in evolving it from a incredibly beneficial program for schools and communities into a true, sport-like entertainment product. This is one of the many steps to get there. Good luck!

Just a tip: I voted from my phone and my computer…everyone give it a try…lets get those votes!!! They were at 215 when I voted

Done. Good luck!

I could not have said this any better. We need to do a better job at “making it loud” by supporting high quality streaming events.

Votes currently at 234 - let’s do this :]

Thank you all for the support and private messages of encouragement! We appreciate all of you that have voted for us so far. It looks like we are down to the final votes and still have a few days, we would love to keep getting your support so we’re eligible! Thanks again.

249 - hope you get it!