Small district event proposal: dead matches

So my proposal is that in smaller district events where teams are playing a lot of back to back or near back to back match’s we have a dead match every 8 or 10 match’s to give teams a little bit more of a breather to catch up. Because it gets a little ridiculous to have match’s end at 7-7:30 but pits not close till 9 after playing match’s where its rare to have more then a 5-6 match break all day, so if we instead added in a few dead match’s where no one played or its was just a practice/testing match we could reduced this issue, and its gives us a way to catch up if we are behind schedule, just reduce or eliminate a breather or two and your back on schedule. Just a though and wanted to see what you guys thought.

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How do you decide which teams get to use the field during the dead match?

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Don’t run dead matches. Run HUMAN matches.


Better yet, set up a bunch of exhibition games! Mentor matches, human only matches, speed climb matches, one v one matches…

The possiblitys are endless!


i dunno, 2 free hours to work on the bot (assuming your events even end at 7:30) is pretty nice if theres an issue imo. Also is more time to test things.

They could also just close the pits earlier if its that big of an issue…


Yeah. Human matches.


No its just that time could have been way more valuable when your trying to fix something in ten minutes fairly desperately instead of having this long block at the end of the day.

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I mean we have seen things like that done at off seasons, although how willing teams will be to do that in the middle of comp season remains in question. But if we had the willingness I see no reason not to.

Add sponsor matches? Convince sponsors to field their own robots. Fight for sponsor glory!


When creating the match schedule for an event, the Scorekeeper (in conjunction with the event manager, the FTA, other key people) has the ability to insert breaks into schedules for pretty much any reason. It’s most commonly only used for lunch breaks, but I’ve seen it used at events in the past to put in 15-20 minute pockets for either playing catchup or for breaks for the field-side volunteers if all is well.

Would that fit what you’re describing?

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Yes, I didn’t realize that functionality was available, i was thinking that it would be done on a regular every Nth match pattern but i suppose that is probably more optimal.

I think it would be a pretty good idea to have one or two additional 15-30 minute breaks inserted into the schedule. Schedule some fun activities to keep the audience engaged leading into the next couple hours of matches. Overall, it sounds like a nice problem to have (as opposed to not having enough time!)


I’ve often seen that break after the first round of matches, to give a bit of a troubleshooting cushion for teams connecting to the field for the first time. After that, it’s maintenance. A second break would be nice, but that won’t always happen.

There’s also a new feature this year that allows changing the match cycle time at any point. One of my events used it to schedule more time between the first 10 matches to avoid falling too far behind from troubleshooting.

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