Small edu code: PLZ HELP!!!

I need a copy of the small EDU code with an updated library file. the computer that can compile the copy we have is…dead, and our best computer won’t compile the same code because the library file is out of date. Kevin does not have the code on his website. Does someone have an updated copy, or a library file that will work?

I seem to be getting a 403 error on all of IFIs pages. Is anyone else getting this?

i tried the link, but it said that I am not able to download because of a high security alert thing. I am not sure if you got the same thing, but could someone please check it out? also, I believe that the library file is not compatible with the updated version of MPLab C18 compiler. I need an updated version of the library file.

No version of MCC18 other than 2.4 will work, IIRC. If you are using any other version of MCC18, you need to change that.

The only libraries that work with the controllers come from IFI. None of us have “updated” versions.

Whatever it was, it works now.