small footprint field element designs for the space constrained?

The field elements are large again, which is a challenge for teams with space/storage constraints (like ours).

Opening up a thread to discuss alternative smaller-footprint field element designs.

One thought: It seems like one could design a single adjustable-height, variable angle platform the size of the platforms on the switch/scale.

We were thinking the same thing. The plates appear to have the same dimensions, but the switch arm is 3’ longer (15’ vs 12’ end to end) and has a wider angular range (24" vs 12" of motion at the end).

Even with a decent space, after building the field for our kickoff event we were figuring out how to take apart a lot of it to maximize space. Here are a few of the ideas I/we have come up with.

  • Create a bar separate from the scale to mount to a wall with a height off the floor equal to that of the height off of the scale platform (no need to build a tower or the platform). Hanging a wooden dowel with rope is plausible given proper safety measures are taken.

  • Build half of the switch and/or scale and use a heavy counterweight on the other side OR just build the bucket and mount it at the various heights. The second one is not ideal for various reasons, but if it’s the most you can do with your space, it is definitely worth it.

  • Don’t build the vault. It will not influence your robot design and will not involve a learning curve (in terms of placing) like pilots last year.

  • Don’t build the fence around the switch. The wooden version is huge and virtually impossible to move around without breaking. Try building a propped up segment with legs similar to how the wooden portals are supported that will go in front of the part you are working with.