Small hole, tight curves, screw drive?

You may have seen the news and the articles published that talked about another attempt to penetrate the mysterious shafts in the great pyramid. The results (video linked) show a unique design- sort of push/to the side and some drive method.

Overall, I’m impressed. More I’d like to see all the technical details that could be used for that. I am disappointed there wasn’t HD cameras in there, but with that little space… Well, they’ll be back in another year.

Are there any lead screw designs that can be used to power wheels? Or would this be more similar to a brass worm drive at the end of the shaft (at which point… why a lead screw?).

Enjoy the video. It’s fascinating.

What I want to know is what is that block with a hole doing there. It seems oddly placed. why start an air shaft than have a block stop it?