Small networking switch needed for eboard?

Howdy all,
I’m looking for a small networking switch to install on our teams e-board. We want to use a Rpi co-processor for vision processing, But by installing that co-processor we use all the ethernet ports up. I know they they are out there. I just can’t remember the exact switch ot order. CD members please come to the help?


Any 5 port switch will do.

I would not buy an off brand one.

We’ve been using this switch that was offered in FIRST Choice in 2017, we’re using one again this year. It’s light, cheap, compact, and only 5v 1A so not too much of a pain to power on a robot.


We use this switch

It’s built for more industrial applications, has 5-30v DC input so powering straight off the battery is fine. It doesn’t use a barrel power connector and it has mounting tabs.


Not to hijack this thread but we stumbled across these this past fall and ordered one but haven’t had much time to test it yet. Have you used this on the field before? Any gotchas or recommendations? Have you stress tested the bandwidth with any co processors, ip cameras or anything along those lines?

+1 for the mini D-Link one. We’ve used it for offseason experimentation with coprocessors, and it’s worked flawlessly.

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We ran our limelight through it last year and didn’t have any issues all season, never even thought about it once we had it installed.

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Thanks all for the great input.

As luck would have it, was going through the team equipment lockers tonight and low and behold… a d-link switch way up in the back. But huge thank you to everyone for the great help and ideas. I really like that one switch that has the huge voltage range input.

Thank you