small objects, BIG GRID?

My students have a minor problem that I can’t seem to solve.

When they create small objects I’ll have them set up Units to inches and the Grid to 4 or 8 squares per inch. That works out fine.

But when they switch to a different view (Top, Left, Front) the object initially appears tiny in a giant grid. It only take a couple seconds to zoom in, but doing that over & over again is a bit tedious.

What determines to overall size of the grid or how large the object will appear when you switch to a different view?

the shortcut of “z” will zoom extents of the all objects in the scen if nothing is selected, or zoom extents of the object selected.

Yeah - we’ve been doing that. I just thought there was some way to set the overall size of the grid so we wouldn’t have to zoom in so often on small parts.

Top, left, and front has a giant grid. Your objects will appear small

View settings get messed up so much. Z for Zoom Extents, and T(op), F(ront), R(ight), P(erspective) are just things that become second-nature for fixing the view. Oh, and Shift-Z.