Small Parts and FIRST during build time

During last years build time what was the involvement of the Small Parts catalog? Was anything in there fair game to put on the robot as long as you kept a budget or was it limited as what items from small parts that you could use? Also has the involvement with parts from Small Parts been the same in past years? I want to know so I can study the catalog and become more familiar with thier product line.

Please tell me as many details as you know of the involvement of Small Parts and the items in their catalog with FIRST.

I’m pretty sure that anything in the catalog was up for grabs as long as you only had $1,200 max on your robot at any given time.
Page 23


Everything in the SPI catalog is allowed as long as it does not break another rule.

For example, Rule M14 says that only parts supplied in the kit (in the pneumatics section no less) may be used to move compressed air. Even though SPI sells tubing, you would not be allowed to use that with the pneumatics, but you could use it for another reason.