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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 09:12:09 -0800
Subject: [WRRF] Small Part Orders Important!

I just called small parts to check on a order I placed last week. They told me the order was cancelled because they did not have the part and would not have it in any time soon. They also told me all back orders are being cancelled because teams can not wait for the part. I suggest if you have any back ordered parts to call small parts because they are not calling people to let them know they cancelled back ordered parts.


Team 971

When I spoke with SPI on the phone last week, I was told that they would not back order parts for FIRST teams at all - because of the shipping deadline. I can confirm at least that much. I do not know, however, if they’re cancelling previous orders.

In either case, I do believe it’s very lousy, and a very bad business practice.

i called (1230 pm 1-28-02) and they said that our order Numer 2350) was one of the last that were having the backorders filled on (wheW!!!)


ok So we now hate small parts in our school. We ordered all of our drive train stuff and guess what none of it has come. When we called they told us that they shiped it and gave us a confermation number, guess what!, the number was not ours. Then we called back and asked if there was a mistake only to find out that they “never said our order was shiped.” this makes us ferious. If anyone from the FIRST administration reads this forum they should contact SPI and handel this because I know that we are not the only team in a bad position because of them.

At week one I thought we were ahead now I wonder if we will finish

We avoided SPI because the border is a tad fickle now a days. But from the sounds of it the parts wouldnt have made it at all to the border.

SPI has seemed to drop the ball this year. I cannot possibly see this as a good business move on their part.

Our experience with Small Parts has been the best we have ever had.

Ordering parts has gone pretty well. They have always called if they could not fill the order. They shipped when the said they would when they did not have it in stock.

Hard to ask for more.

Just one person’s experience, but I thought I would include it just for balance sake.

Joe J.

Small parts has not been able to fill all of our requests but has called whenever they cannot supply a part.