Small pneumatic cylinder cad?

I’m looking for a tiny pneumatic cylinder for use on a shifting swerve gearbox. Because each shifter needs to only take a load half that of the regular gearboxes, I wanted to use the smallest possible pneumatic cylinder.
I was looking at the cylinder 192 has on their gearbox this year, the Vex shifter one, or preferably something even smaller.
Does anybody know where I can find cad of a tiny pneumatic cylinder?

EDIT: I tried Bimba, and it didn’t load for me. Also, I ned to be sure that the specified cylinder exists and easy to get.

The Pneumatic we used on our Gearbox this year is a 3/8 throw, 9/16 bore Bimba Flat-I cylinder. On their website they have a function where you can select the specifications of the pneumatic you want and it will generate a pdf drawing or 3D model of the cylinder you specified.

Here is the link to the Flat-I configure page

Thank you. I tried Bimba, but it keeps on crashing Chrome. I’ll download it onto a flash drive from another computer then.

Vex pros website has cad drawings, if that didn’t work then mcmaster carr carries them and should have the cad drawings also.