Small pneumatics parts (was: A little help)

Hey, at the FIRST Championships there were vendors there and I saw a micro sized pneumatics system by one of them. I can’t remember the name. Was it automation direct? Thanks in Advance!

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Most likely Automation Direct. They are the only ones there that I recall having pneumatic stuff.

Thanks !

We have used the AD vouchers for these for a while. We have also purchased the AndyMark versions.

Almost certainly:

We used a couple of these components this year and were pleased with them.


Thanks everybody!

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We were really happy with their pneumatics parts. Here is our 3d printed pneumatics control system.


I like this page because it has a parts list to get you started

What is the function of the valve in the middle of this setup?

We can remove the pressure on our actuators allowing us to make repairs without emptying our air tanks.


Legality on that says: make sure it stays open during matches. If it closes then you can’t drain all the air like you’re supposed to.

Just a reminder…that’s not a bad idea, until someone forgets the one time you need to vent all.

Wrong. Perfectly legal at all times, as long as it’s a dump valve (one way) like this and not a simple ball valve.

That product dumps your downstream side air when it gets closed. So the entire low pressure side is at atmosphere when it’s closed.

The upstream side is still plumbed to the main exhaust at all times. So turning the main exhaust will always dump all air pressure.

There’s another layer of 1-way dumpvalves here at the cylinder level that are legal for the same reason - as soon as the dumping is engaged, the previously pressurized area downstream of the valve can be considered no longer part of the pressurized system.

This is part of how we got such a snappy climb out of our large bore cylinders the last 3 years, The exhaust path is straight to atmosphere at the one way fitting, instead of all the way back to the solenoid.


like @s-neff said the middle valve dumps the downstream air so there is never a situation where we dump the air and still have air in the mechanisms.

Here is the product:

I also recommend bonded tubing for cylinders:

anyone know where we can get SMC flow control valves or other similar products in Canada. We got some from 610 at Ontario Camps and they are much better then what we had.


That’s all standard catalog parts, so industry distributors listed at SMC’s Canada website should have access to them?

There’s nothing special about the manifolds VEX distributes. I’ve been buying used 5/32" (4mm) push-to-connect smc manifolds on eBay (with solenoids and blocking plates still attached) the last few years and been pretty happy with our results.

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