Small town ROBOT

Pretty excited about this. My documentary short is now available on AMAZON PRIME – yay!. Thanks to FIRST Robotics Team 5172 and all of Greenbush, MN! Check out the trailer.

Or at:


Today I have seen the trailer, looks so good. Even I feel that my team is like yours, not so big, not a big history, but it’s a point to join many people around an effort to make our community better, stronger and teach the others to seek the wellness of everyone.


Literally started to tear up watching the trailer, I will for sure be watching this in the near future.


I just watched the whole documentary and cried pretty hard half way through. Emotions just bursted out of the screen when they were on the field winning matching and losing comm. I will definitely recommend this to people in my school community that doesn’t necessarily know much about FRC and share this great program with them.


I just finished watching this tonight with my brother who’s the coach of my team and my mom. We all really liked the story and message behind it! It is really cool to see the stories of other robotics teams.

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Love this comment – thanks

thanks for the nice note – it’s a great story and a great program – FIRST Robotics. :slight_smile:

FIRST Robotics is a very cool program – thanks for taking the time to watch. Peace, JOE B

Is there a way for me to watch this in Canada?


Rented for $3 on Amazon last night, was well worth it.

Always cool to see how other teams work and what their resources are like.

I always considered 973 to be a small town team, but 5172 is totally different world. Very impressive what they’ve been able to do with such a small school.


Great story. Great Program. Thanks, JOE B

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I’m working on this. Hopefully soon.

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Just finished watching the documentary. Well worth the watch! Thank you for sharing.


THANKS. Appreciate it. It’s a great story - and a great program.


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