Smaller Pnuematics Storage Tank

From the way I understand the rules we are allowed to use any air tank as long as it is COTS. Am I understanding this correctly and if so could my team use a smaller air tank.

R77-K allows almost any COTS storage tank, provided it meets other rules, such as R75’s limitation on rates working pressure for all pneumatic items.

Speaking of smaller air tanks, does anyone know where we could purchase a plastic air tank in the 300-400 ml range? (a link would be great!)


Coast Pneumatics has a large number of polypropylene tanks available.
Clippard also has a selection of metal air tanks.

You probably wouldn’t want to do this for competition, but if you’re trying to figure out /verify how much tank you need, you can use a (probably large) pneumatic cylinder as an air tank. If you use the top (return) side, you can use nearly the full stroke x bore of the cylinder without moving anything. You can even tweak the volume by mechanically locking the output shaft in a given location. In fact, clippard’s metal tanks are just cylinders with two “bottom” ends and no piston or rod; we have several of these and used one in 2014.