Smallest footprint?

With Team Update 11 dealing with those who unknowingly made their robot too big, who made their robot knowingly small? :]

Post your 2018 robot’s length and width dimensions here and let’s see who will have the smallest footprint. This is NOT including bumpers.

I’ll go first… 27.5" x 27.5".

Standard practice is to undersized by a half inch. You are going to get a lot of ‘*.5"’ answers.

4.66918e-12 AU x 5.51813e-12 AU

22" x 24"

It’s not this year but whatever size 3928 ran at the EMCC off season event was ridiculously small.

Small footprint bots are going to be vital this year.

That… is adorable.

Imagine slapping an elevator on that.

A little smaller and you could escape from the field!


Hmmm. What happens if you are a small robot and your opponent literally pushes you through the portal… field fault? XD

That robot’s base was 13.5" x 14". It was a lot of fun to make and drive.

Here is a recap video from that event.

Getting pushed through the Portal would be quite the trick given how high it is off the ground.

I supposed getting pushed through the Exchange might be possible though, especially as people are making Power Cube sized bots.

Assuming that your robot was pushed through the Exchange, that normally would be a S05 violation that would require the robot to be disabled, but if the opponent did so in such a way that the referees deemed to be a strategy, it’d be C07 for the opponent which would negate the penalty for the tiny-bot and cause the opponent is get at least a Foul, and it would quite likely qualify for the “egregious” upgrade to Tech Foul and Yellow Card. Depending on how egregious it was considered, I wouldn’t rule out a T03 (or G14?) upgrade to Red Card.

It’s quite likely that even given C07 says to negate the penalty, tiny-bot would get disabled anyway, merely because having an active robot in a zone where there are humans is a safety concern, and the overarching language at the start of Chapter 5 applies where “Event staff have the final decision authority for all safety-related issues within a venue.” (That’s the rule that allows the field staff to, say, e-stop the field when a robot is on fire, even though one might only expect an S01 disable for the flaming robot. Seriously, safety trumps all other rules.)

I can’t imagine how it would be a Field Fault given that it doesn’t meet any of the criteria in section 10.8.

That’s about 10,000x more thought than I put into the initial comment. :smiley: ::rtm::

It needs to be at least…three times bigger than this! How are kids supposed to learn if they can’t even fit inside the robot?

-Matt Lythgoe

We’re going 25" x 28" roughly.

1293 is 22" wide (ignoring the bolt heads, but we’re 22" so who cares) by 32"ish long. Should allow us plenty of room to fit everyone on a platform as necessary.

I doubt that we are in the running this year.

27 3/8" x 32 1/2" FRAME PERIMETER… 27 7/8" x 32 1/2" outside dimensions… Not that we obsessively and repeatedly measured or anything

27.01 x 29.145, counting rivets and powder coat. Not the smallest.

Pics or it didn’t happen !!
Curious to see if this one is tattoo worthy!?