"Smart" Breaker Panel Acceptable for '07?

I just wanted to know if the circuit breaker shown here on IFIRobotics is allowed in the 2007 FRC.


I think i read that you cant use that this year. But dont quote me on that.

I have read through twice through the electonics and have found nothing. Maybe I was skimming too fast but I like the old one from last year MUCH better than the new ones.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it.

Items specifically permitted on 2007 FRC ROBOTS include:
 Additional HITEC HS-322HD Servos.
 Additional Victor 884 speed controllers and Spike relay modules, as needed.
 One additional 4-slot Maxi-block circuit breaker panel and utilize it on their 2007 ROBOT in
addition to, or in replacement of, the circuit breaker panels provided in the Kit Of Parts.

 One or two additional 2-1/2” CIM motors (part #FR801-001) in addition to those provided in
the Kit Of Parts. This means that up to four, and no more, 2-1/2” CIM motors can be used
on the ROBOT.
 One additional 3” CIM “Minibike” motor (part #FR801-005). This means that up to two, and
no more, 3” CIM “Minibike” motors can be used on the ROBOT.
 Additional solenoid valves, air cylinders, and connecting fittings.
 One or two additional Clippard air storage tanks (Clippard Part Number AVT-32-16),
equivalent to those provided in the kit. This means that up to four, and no more, Clippard air
storage tanks can be used on the ROBOT.
 Pneumatic pressure relief valves identical to those provided in the Kit Of Parts (Parker Part
Number PV609-2).

<R46> Items specifically PROHIBITED from use include:
 Batteries different from, or in addition to, those provided in the Kit Of Parts.
 Circuit breakers different from those provided in the Kit Of Parts. Note: the Snap Action
brand circuit breakers provided have unique “trip” characteristics. No substitute brands are
 Fuse panels different from those provided in the Kit Of Parts.

 Electric motors different from, or in addition to, those in the Kit, with the exception of those
specifically permitted by Rule <R45>.
 Any air compressor other than the one provided in the Kit Of Parts.
 Hydraulic fluids or hydraulic components.
 Lasers of any type.
 Speakers, sirens, air horns, or other audio devices that generate sound at a level sufficient
to be a distraction or hindrance affecting the outcome of a match.
 Electric solenoid actuators (note: electric solenoid actuators are NOT the same at
pneumatic solenoid valves – the latter are permitted, the former are not).

I’ll be missing the old panel. :frowning:

I was going to make this topic a couple hours ago, but went to dinner…>> <<…anyway, ya I’m a little upset by this as well. This and the change in batteries.

The new one weighs too much for my taste.


I really like the smart panels, you can get feedback, and make stuff work better with those, but from what i have been hearing, companies that have been donating components to FIRST have been complaining that teams haven’t been using what they were donating. so instead of designing their components to be more team/weight friendly, they make the components that teams are using illegal. I really don’t know who decided on that change, but if you read this, please feel free to contact me directly, i have some questions for you.


I don’t really understand your post…But from what I do understand your saying that companies who are donation parts are designing them so it is illeagle to use them? It doesn’t make any sense.

A clearer post would help

I believe Yoda88 is saying that teams who have been donating parts aren’t happy with how little their parts are being used; people have been turning to other companies instead. Rather than improving their donated products to be more appealing, FIRST has just changed the rules so that the other parts are not allowed.

Just to be clear, this is what I believe Yoda88 is saying, and is by no means necessarily what I believe myself.

Wish they were letting us use the IFI panels… this other stuff is so kludgy. The IFI panel is so much lighter, more compact, and everything is centralized.

Maybe we can expect an update in a few weeks allowing us to use it - much like last season. Atleast one could only hope. I took a look at the new ones and i’m not a fan of them. We’ve used the Smart Panel for the past 2 seasons. Personally, I don’t think the way to get more teams to use stuff thats donated is going to be accomplished by making all other parts illegal. I’m reminded of the new batteries right about now…hmm…

We could always revolt… :smiley:

No, I agree with FIRST if they decided against IFI breaker panels because the sponsors complained. FIRST only exists because of sponsors, and it would be horrible for FIRST to lose sponsors.

IFI’s site says out of stock for the entire year.

Yep, no awesome panels this year. Major crapfest, but I guess it’s not that big of a deal. Just another curveball. Seems like we’re getting alot of those this year…

Those breakers were nice, but just think now FIRST is forcing us to be simpler.

Agreed. I’ll miss that IFI panel … made teaching students the electrical system so much easier.

But that new AB terminal block is kind of cool … I will admit that.

what i’m saying is that companies like Rockwell Automation have been complaining that FIRST teams haven’t been using the terminal blocks and other components that Rockwell has donated.

My feeling is that if somebody wants to donate something, that’s terrific, but if it really isn’t that good and people would rather use other parts available on the market they should be able to - rather than being force-fed all of the donated parts. I’m bummed.

I think FIRST wants us to use the parts that the sponsors give to kind of give those companies importance. If no one used those new panels this year than the company would feel as if it was a waste on their part of donating it. I think at the same time I think that the product has to be good. In this case the “klunky” panel is heavy and is less “capable” in my opinion comared the the smartpanel.

FIRST made a BIGGG mistake in my opinion and I hope they retract that rule at least this year and tell the company that supplied them that although the contribution is appreciated, it is not too practical


I’ll venture another explanation: maybe FIRST wants to expose a future generation of engineers to more standard methods of interconnecting and protecting power circuits when the wiring is field accessible. While I agree with those who say the 2005 IFI breaker panel is very convenient and compact*, I wonder if it meets the same safety standards as the components that are required for 2007?

*and, BTW, easier to inspect.