Smart dashboard can't connect to camera.

Our team has recently started using a command based robot and along with smart dashboard. Our issue is that although the camera is configured properly and is set up to the IP when we put this IP into the smart dashboard interface the camer module continued to say ‘no connection’. Our camera is connected to the router and was configured with the tool that comes pre-installed on the Classmate.

We started having the same problem when we moved off of the classmate and onto another computer. Guessing there is a setting on the computer that is blocking it.

Does the camera connect to the default LabView dashboard? See if you can log into the camera in a browser. Double check to see that the “Enable Anonymous Viewing” box is selected in the users tab.

We are using the smartdashboard.

Be sure to turn off your firewall. Another team we were helping at Queen City had some issues and it turned out the firewall was blocking the data.


For SmartDashboard viewing you need one more setting that the tool doesn’t do for you. SM987 mentioned it.

Browse to the camera and go to:Setup->System Options->Security->Users

click the box for Enable anonymous viewer login
Here’s a screen shot of the page on the Axis M1011. It’s similar on the older Axis 206 camera.

  1. Make sure anonymous viewing is on
  2. In SmartDashboard, set SmartDashboard to editable and double click on the camera, make sure that the ip-address is pointing to what you want.