Smart Dashboard custom controls

The people on our drive team like to have options for driving, so we have 3 different controller setups. One with a controller, one with a Logitech joystick and one with two Logitech joysticks. It’s very annoying to have to change which drive method is called each time they want to change it, so is there anyway to make a little box in smart dashboard with 3 buttons to switch between the different drive methods?

It definitely is! If you’re using smart dashboard, you most likely want to look into doing something like this: Using Shuffleboard Widgets Let me know if you need any more help setting this up!

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Ok, I think I get it. So pretty much in the teleop code area I would pull the integer of the drive selected and use if else statements to run the code. Thanks for the help!

Yea I mean do you anticipate the driver changing joysticks mid match? If not, you can pull it once during teleop init and set some global primaryJoystick variable to the respective selected value from smart dashboard and from there use the primaryJoystick variable inside your teleopPeriodic method!

That works as well, but one of our drivers likes her control, so Im giving her the option to switch between tank and arcade during match, thank you for the help!

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