Smart Dashboard - enable and disable robot operation mode

Team 4145 - Now that we are using the smart dashboard, can we stop using the driver station? In order to stop using the driver station we would need the ability to enable and disable the robot in the teleoperated, autonomous and practice modes. Is there a way, from the smart dashboard, to enable teleop mode?

No. You need to rev engineer tthe protocol

Note that this is also prohibited by the rules for use in competition.

Thanks for the answer. So, since we have to use the driver station (on the laptop), and the driver station takes control of the laptop, we must have to have another laptop to run the smart dashboard. That will be problematic during the competition - since space will be limited. What are other teams doing?

Why can’t you run the Driver Station on the other laptop that you’re running Smart Dashboard on also?

Not sure what you mean by “takes control of the laptop”. The Driver Station software and the Smart Dashboard will happily coexist on the same machine. If you use the Smart Dashboard installer it will replace the default dashboard launched by the Driver Station.

OK, my bad. I installed the smart dashboard on the driver station laptop, and now see your point - how it replaces the old dashboard (very nice!). Problem solved. Thanks for your help.