Smart Dashboard Examples

Can anyone give me some smart dashboard examples to work with such as reading an output of something, giving an input to something, writing widgets, designing the dashboard, etc. I’m trying to learn more about the dashboard to prepare for 2014. Thanks!

I would start here. Click on “Smart Dashboard” under the topics section for additional links to smart dashboard tutorials.
There are a number of examples you can work though to get familiar.

A good exercise may be to try to create a dashboard for your 2013 robot, seeing as you are probably already familiar with how the code/controls/hardware work in that system.

A decent example of a custom widget (to do vision processing on the driver station laptop): DaisyCV

I noticed that there is now a SmartDashboardNG on firstforge. It says “SmartDashboard 2014+ in JavaFX”. I wonder how much is changing?

Congrats! You found it!

<snark>“I wonder how much is changing?” did you look at it? clearly not…</snark>

UI (JavaFX obviously plus a total redesign)
Data layers (multiple sources)
Much better and more modular architecture (take the core and do a different UI are now supported)
Save format
Widget format (JavaFX instead of Swing)

Not changing:
SmartDashboard.putX style stuff

Since others now know about this, and since this is a total-re-write in JavaFX, you (aka anyone reading this) have won a chance to do a alpha testing of this! PM me if interested. I would suggest you only PM me if seriously interested in testing, not just “oh nifty close”. Real robot application appreciated.

oh, and to tuXguy15: learn JavaFX and FXML

byteit101: you have PM…