Smart Dashboard loses data in Test Mode #2

This is the second year for this post…

One of our nagging issues is with using Smart Dashboard with Drivers Station in Test Mode.

I think this is a most useful feature. We can quickly define a project with Robot Builder, build and deploy, then run in Test Mode. All the defined subsystems get displayed. We get to play with motors and PID systems without writing any real code.

If I make the most simple project with a two motor robot drive, build, deploy and run in test mode, the subsystem will show the subsystem with controls. We can edit it, move it around and use it to spin motors.

If we save the layout and exit Smart Dashboard, then restart it, the Test Mode screen appears and shows blank subsystem boxes.

If we delete the XML file for the SmartDashboard and restart the SmartDashboard, the subsystem is again displayed, but if we save layout and exit. If will again be bad when we restart SmartDashboard.

Has anyone else had this problem?

We use Robot Builder and code in C++.

testMode.pdf (14.6 KB)

testMode.pdf (14.6 KB)