Smart Dashboard - passing integers

We’ve added a control that we hope will write integer values to the robot. We didn’t see any problems changing the control to an I32 and passing that to the robot using the write numeric value VI. However on the robot side the read numeric value VI wants to return a floating point value. I don’t see a way to specify that the value should be an integer. Can I safely use the floating point to I32 conversion to get the original integer value?
We don’t have a practice robot to test our code on and I’d hate to find out on the first day of the regional that we will have to do something else.
Basically we set up a dashboard knob control with ten positions and want to test which position the knob is in on the robot for selecting different autonomous modes.

Yes, that should work fine. NetworkTables used to have explicit support for integers (in 2012/2013? and earlier), but now all numbers are represented in floating point form, probably to keep the protocol simpler.