Smart dashboard sendable chooser

So we have had an issue creep up tonight. If we don’t change the sendable chooser option between each time we run an auto it runs out do nothing. If I change the auto play then change it back to what I just ran it runs it fine. We have a class importing our paths that the sendable chooser is in. The chooser returns the path group to our auto builder to run in auto.

This has not been the case before. Not really sure what is going on.

On occasion the sendable chooser will not show up on smart dashboard as well.

Thanks for any help

What version of WPILib are you running on both SmartDashboard and robot sides? If it’s not 2023.4.2, try installing that (to update the dashboard) and upgrading your robot code.

Thanks must have missed that update and looks like it has fixed it for now.

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