Smart is Cool (a new FIRST song)

Here’s something you all may enjoy. Below is a link to a song about FIRST. The artist did his homework on this one, for sure.

Song title: Smart is Cool
Artist: Calvin Simmons
Production Company: 31 North Entertainment

Calvin lives here in Kokomo, Indiana. He is a parent of a TechnoKat student, and wanted to write a song that tells what FIRST is about. He asked for as much material as he could get, and created a song with a great message.

What do you all think?

Andy B.

  • thanks to Greg Needel for hosting this song

Mentions Dean, Segways, FLL, Vex, Real World Learnin’, life skills, treads, “C code,” and omniwheels… Whoa, yeah that would be a first for rap, way to do his homework. Can we expected see a cooperative show with DSKB? :smiley:

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When Andy sent this to me tonight I knew we needed to get this out there. It really is amazing, and another example of how dedicated people are to this program.

I also think there is a good opportunity to see some music videos for this song, any takers?

P.S. I just upgraded my server to 500GB of transfer per month, so it shouldn’t die. If you have any problems please send me a PM.

Can’t say that I usually care for the Genre, but it sounds good! A very high production quality, and you definitely can’t beat the message. :slight_smile:
This is definitely going to my playlist.

Does anyone have the lyrics to the song?

Andy has them and will be posting them sometime tomorrow, when he gets back to his work computer (or so he says) When I get them I will put them into the zi p file with the song.

I’m not the biggest fan of rap, but this is cool. The FIRST songs created for the Boston regional last year seemed a lot more flat compared to this. Calvin really has a feel for what FIRST is like and managed to cram it all into a three minute song instead of just generic things like the other two songs (“kings and queens of the laboratory”?)

It’s really awesome to see people channel their creative energy like this. It’s a lot easier to create thanks to technology, and I wish more people would go out of their way to contribute something back.

Here are the lyrics:

Smart is Cool
Music and lyrics by Calvin Simmons of 31 North Entertainment

Real world learnin: design, built, test
FIRST Team Robotics at its best
For Inspiration Recognition of Science Technology
Dean Kamen Segway, check the chronology
Lego League robotics Vex Competition
And we set goals bring ‘em all to fruition
You know I’m singin’ ‘bout FIRST, you know the rules
And we teach students that bein’ smart is cool

Gotta get busy got a deadline in a week
If it wasn’t for my parents, I don’t think I would ever sleep
Got a MicroChip controller, got it dirt cheap
Gotta finish my robot and it’s gonna be sweet
And when I sleep and I see omni-wheels and tank treads
Roller chains, screws, sprockets all in my head
My design is so hot it’s borderline toxic
Just call me Mr. FIRST Team Top Robotic
In the shop, engineer to the core
And somebody please get those grippers off the floor
This task is the world’s greatest mind test
On track to be the next great scientist
Havin fun while learnin a life skill
Also gaining character and a winnin’ will
I can build any design you hand to me
FIRST team where dreams become reality


Me and my team, we on a quest
All we do is design, build, test
Havin trouble with the automode
The software team re-works the C Code
Compile it, debug it, and then we run it
Pretty smooth, cause we do it all on a budget
I listen close as my mentor begins to teach
Learnin career goals previously beyond reach
And it’s important that we listen (that we listen)
The goal is the Finals of the robotics competition
And we all win, no matter the team
It’s not if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game
Havin fun while learnin a life skill
Also gaining character and a winnin’ will
I can build any design you hand to me
FIRST team where dreams become reality



I dont care much for rap but it was good. The quality was amazing, very crisp and clear.

even though i’m not a huge fan of rap…it’s still awesome.

this song actually talks about FIRST, instead of just spelling it. love it!

yeah, im with everyone else on the rap aspect. However, this is the first song ive heard that is based on FIRST, so i loved it.

I think it would be cool to hear this sometime during the kickoff! COUGH, can anyone pull some strings? COUGH

Its one of my few favorite rap songs, the others being White and Nerdy and All About the Pentiums by Weird Al. Lyrics really work too.

I’m not a huge fan of the idea of having a song for FIRST, or about FIRST. There’s too much to represent and many different view points, plus FIRST’s fundamentally is against megastars and such.

I think some sort of high paced instrumental piece would be better than anything with lyrics, but I guess that’s just me. :rolleyes:

under normal circumstances, I hate rap, but this one is pretty cool. :cool:

Like others said, im not into rap but since the song is about FIRST it was awsome. Great job!

What? No F-I-R-S-T anywhere in the song? :stuck_out_tongue:

Big improvement over the anthems that FIRST tried to do last season.

[parliamentary procedure]Motion to replace the FIRST theme song with “Smart Is Cool”[/parliamentary procedure]

Try listening to it 2x speed. Backwards.

Edit: Why was this put in a zip archive? To save 0.04MiB of space?

simply…amazing. I, too, typically dislike rap, but this one is awesome! Just one more field to relate FIRST to: music!!