Smart people on Wheaties boxes

Check this out…

Do you think the FIRST Community could influence General Mills?

Excellent idea! I am posting the link on my facebook page, posting an item on the newspaper blog and emailing my friends. Let’s go viral!

Interesting idea. Just tweeted it and its going up on the First Robotics group on LinkedIN

I don’t think so.

The marketing model for Wheaties is: champion athletes eat this stuff. Eating Wheaties will not make you a famous musician, movie star, politician, astronaut, scientist or even inventor. The marketing slogan adopted by General Mills for Wheaties is: “The breakfast of Champions”. As much as I’d like to see Dean or even HOT team on a Wheaties box, it’s just not going to happen.

Maybe Dean Kamen can appear in Levi’s advertising?

I think that’s a fit.

Our team just after winning the Arizona regional this year…yes, Wheaties were a part of our strategy (we got the idea from 973 at the Los Angeles regional)

i don’t like the wheaties ideas, but maybe another cereal that is aimed towards boosting brain power, that would be neat

The Wheaties box is simply a part of sports Americana. I feel that “smart” people should have something similar. But must we always take something from another to get something? I mean, every time we put a scientist on the box…we’d be taking that spot from another. I like Dan’s idea. Perhaps a different cereal. Wheaties isn’t really that popular anyways. Perhaps Cheerios. They certainly have great sales.

PS: I don’t particularly care for the way the article implies the athletes aren’t smart. Sure, they aren’t curing cancer… but is that really what you have to do to be considered smart? Just something for people to think about.

Why separate? Why not join?

Let the cat herding begin! :slight_smile:

Why not Kellogs Mini Wheats?

Haven’t they been advertising for a while that kids whom eat a better breakfast (aka: their cereal) do better in school? There’s a thought!

Wheaties wouldn’t even put astronaut John Glenn on their box before his Shuttle flight in October 1998 (at age 77). According to CNN,a group of Ohio congress members sent a letter to General Mills requesting they bend their tradition of athletes-only. General Mills would not break tradition.

BTW, have you eaten Wheaties? I don’t think they’re very good. Much rather have Krispy Kremes!

Let’s campaign for Dave Lavery on Krispy Kreme boxes!!

I’ll have to find it, but after the win in La our kids made a big deal of the Wheaties, and photo shopped our lead mentor onto a box.

I also agree on the Kellogg’s mini wheats. I think this would be a good idea if it succeeds!

Smart Start, with HOTBOT 09 on the cover. I would buy that.

Isn’t Smart Start more of a weight loss cereal? HEY, lets feed the robot that starting in week 4, maybe it might shed a couple pounds. hehehe:p

Well the commercials that they have been putting out have been more geared towards kids, and giving them a healthy start to succeed in school. I don’t think it is a weight loss product, just one that is under the category of “healthy brain food”


Maybe a new brand of FIRST products:
K Man cereal “The Dean of REAL Champions”

Goody Flowers snacks. “Gracious Brain treats”

Are you talking about mini wheats or smart start. I always viewed smart start as a weight loss aid: healthy, nutritious, and fills you up with less calories.

Oh, yes you are right I got confused, two different cereals. :rolleyes: