SmartDashboard 2.0 not connecting until driver station is run

Has anyone had trouble with Smartdashboard 2.0 not connecting to the robot until the driver station is running? We’ve tried multiple computers, and it doesn’t seem to connect until the driver station runs. It doesn’t even seem like it matters what the driver station is set up for. I was trying to connect to one robot, and opened the driver station configured for a different team number and as soon as the DS opened, Smartdashboard connected to the robot.

I haven’t used SD 2.0, but the DS does send packets to the dashboard. It could be that the dashboard is blocked waiting for those packets. Those packets do include robot info like IP address, but they may not be used by SD.

Greg McKaskle

No, SFX does not wait for DS status. My guess is you are not adding information until enable/etc the robot. What happens if you put the add information in the constructor?

We did have SD stuff in the constructor. I’m using last year’s robot code, which has a lot of SD stuff.

I’ve been playing with it some more today, and it isn’t related to the DS or SFX. Sometimes it takes a very long time to connect (which may have been coincidental that it started when the DS opened). I’ve also seen cases where the old SD doesn’t connect (or takes a very long time to connect). I’ll keep playing with it to see if if it’s something in our code, or something in the NT code.